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Assassination Tango credits with Geraldine Rojas and Pablo Veron

This is a great dance. It takes place during the credits of “Assassination Tango” with Robert Duvall. This scene is with Geraldine Rojas and Pablo Veron. I saw this film pretty early on in my Tango education. I recommend it. It has some great Milonga scenes. Seeing Paublo Veron doing the secadas behind him reminds me of when I first started attempting them. I nailed my partner in the shin with my hard heel of my shoe. As a tip, I would recommend trying these in socks first. The one step where he reaches in with his left foot and flicks her leg around him was one I must have watched a hundred time until I figured out how to do it. It’s tricky when all you can see is someone’s feet.

Tango Nuevo dance with Claudia Miazzo & Jean Paul Padovani



This is a clip of a Tango Nuevo dance with Claudia Miazzo & Jean Paul Padovani. It has some very elegant moves in it. First off my cinematographer side has trouble with the shakey camera movement. They use many types of colgatas. I liked the ones where they shared the same center.  It made for very nice poses held by the follower.  The transitions from close to formal embrace are also very smooth and sensual. I love secadas so I like the use of them throughout the dance, whether it be leader secada or follower. It’s very enjoyable to dance to slow songs like this.  You are very free to improvise and attempt things you may not normally attempt.  I hope you enjoy the clip.