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Bizarro Reducing to the Ridiculous

Noticing how people spend money everyday on things they don’t really need I thought about something I use to stop myself from doing so. It’s an opposite of the sales technique reducing to the ridiculous, bizarro reducing to the ridiculous technique if you will.

In reducing to the ridiculous, you take a price and reduce it down to the daily price or even an hourly price depending on your product. For example, if a service or product cost only $999 (for a limited time only of course), that’s only $83.25 per month, $19.21 per week, and only $2.74 per day. That is reducing to the ridiculous. Most of us have encountered this technique many times over the years.

Bizarro reducing to the ridiculous is exactly what it sounds like, doing the opposite of that. So if you buy a drink everyday for $1.30, that’s $39 per month, and $474.50. Many people know this and it seems obvious but it still helps to think this way. I work with a lot of folks that smoke and this expense adds up very quickly. According to this article, cigarettes average $5.06 across the country. So at one pack per day that’s $151.80 per month, and $1846.90 per year. These of course compound if you go to the store and get a drink and a pack of cigarettes daily.

Authors have been writing about this for a while but I still notice people complaining about being broke and blowing money daily. If you’re health conscious or trying to lose weight, try this technique on food as well. When people tell me that they are having trouble losing weight, one of the first questions I ask is do they drink soft drinks? One person explained that they were drinking about 4-5 twenty ounce Mountain Dews per day. Here we go again with the math… One serving has 110 calories, there are 2.5 servings in a twenty ounce drink which is 275 calories. That is 1100-1375 calories! Of course you could take this out to the year (401,500-501,875 calories).

These are dramatic examples to be sure but it gets the point across. This is to get you thinking when you’re deciding whether to stop and get a drink on the way to work or just bring some water from home. I’ve found it beneficial to think about things before you buy to decide if they are really needed. Don’t go crazy though…I think it’s necessary to have what you want at times as well.