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Mutantville Casting Aug. 29th in Charlotte, NC

MVP casting for next two projects August 29th 12 PM – 3 PM – Charlotte area.

Mutantville Productions is casting for our next two projects to be filmed October and the first part of November. Roles will be available for one female 20 – 30-something. One adolescent female. Six male roles of varying age from 20-something and up to seventies.

Please go to the MVP Blog for further details.

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Houses falling into the ocean in Ocean Isle, NC

Condemned house in Ocean Isle, NC.
Condemned house in Ocean Isle, NC.

I went down to the beach Father’s Day weekend to visit….. you guessed it my father (and mother as well of course :) ). While I was down there we drove around to see some sites and they showed me where the houses in Ocean Isle, NC are getting claimed by the ocean. There were a lot for sale so if you want a great deal on a house….hehe. Anyway, what’s interesting is that while the ocean is taking the sand from one part of the island it’s depositing more sand to another part of the island. This is a cool concept…buy some land and every year…you get more for free! This picture was taken during very low tide. So low that you could see the oyster shells in the canals(I guess that’s what they’re called???). This was a pretty good message than you can’t really mess with Mother Nature.

It was a great trip though. I got to hang out with my family, but tried to stay in as much as possible. It was HOT!!!