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Mutantville Casting Aug. 29th in Charlotte, NC

MVP casting for next two projects August 29th 12 PM – 3 PM – Charlotte area.

Mutantville Productions is casting for our next two projects to be filmed October and the first part of November. Roles will be available for one female 20 – 30-something. One adolescent female. Six male roles of varying age from 20-something and up to seventies.

Please go to the MVP Blog for further details.


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NC Budget Cuts for Community Support

I’m not someone that talks a lot of politics so don’t worry that this blog will do that. This post will be short because I just wanted to list a few resources. After people have contacted there representatives, the budget cuts don’t look as bad as they first were. For example they aren’t going to totally cut Community Support by the end of this month as first mentioned. They will begin phasing it out the first year to completely phase it out the second year. This can be found here on item 122 on page 63. An item two lines down caught my eye as well. Cutting level III and IV funds is significant as well.

Earlier today I watched a video that is located on the lower left hand side of http://www.ncleg.net/. This video is interesting because it’s a public hearing that takes place with many representatives on stage and there are people in the audience that speak for 2 minutes each. They also have ten satellite community college campuses that have speakers. You get a pretty good cross section of people speaking about the proposed cuts. Many teachers speak at this and there are some big cuts for teachers as well. The first part of the video is interesting as well because it shows where them money comes in and where it is spent in simple pie chart views.

I was just looking through the site and found the Senate Bill 202, 6th Edition Engrossed, as passed by North Carolina House of Representatives June 13, 2009 (39 amendments engrossed). Not being an expert in politics (by a long shot) I’ll assume this is the most recent edition.

Hope this helps give some more information from my previous post on Community Support. Thanks!